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Serving the people of Misterton with Walcote

Misterton Charities consists of two elements:

• Misterton Charities - originally set up in 1637 by Sir John Poulteney and subsequently
added to by his sister, Lady Mary Poulteney and in the 1800's Jacob H Frank and John
Frederick Frank, each bequeathing monies for 'the relief of poor persons of the Parish (of Misterton) resident therein'.

This fund is mainly to assist those residents in the Parish who are involved in further
education or apprenticeships by making grants to help with the cost of books, equipment or materials for students, or apprentices in need. Monies are also available for persons in demonstrable financial need, arising from special circumstances.

• Misterton Poorsland Charity - consisting of some 11.4 acres of farmland known as
'Misterton Poorsland Field' located on South Kilworth Road, just outside the village of
Walcote. The land is rented out for arable and livestock farming and the rent used to help senior residents in financial need.

Ordinarily each year, around December, the Trustees make 'Winter Fuel Payments' from
this fund to those elderly residents in the Parish who find it difficult to make ends meet.

The Charities were formally registered with the Charity Commission on 29th November
1963 and the Registered Charity Number is 217385.

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