20th July 2024

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Who we are and what we do


Chair of the Council for 2023 to 2024: To be confirmed

Vice Chair of the Council for 2023 to 2024: Councillor Seph Green


Contact Number

Parish Council's Representative to outside bodies below:

Elizabeth Marsh

01455 557121

Eight Parishes Community Interest Company
Parochial Church Council

Lindsey Astle

01455 552836

Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils

Sephton Green

01455 556672

James Robertson

01455 552317

Misterton with Walcote Community Trust
Black Horse Walcote Community Benefit Society

Deborah Irons

01455 559810

Misterton with Walcote Parish Council - What We Do

Misterton with Walcote Parish Council consists of 5 Councillors who serve for a four year term ending in 2027. All Councillors are voluntary.

Our councillors are elected or co-opted. If you would like to become a councillor or find out more about what they do then please contact the clerk.

Council Meetings are usually held every 6 week at Walcote Memorial Hall. See the diary of meetings for more information.

For further information relating to the services offered by the Parish Council please contact the clerk who will be happy to give advice and assistance.

Useful Information

Rules for councillors

A councillor has a responsibility to:

• Attend meetings when summoned to do so; the notice to attend a council meeting is, in law, a summons, because they have a duty to attend.

• Consider, in advance of the meeting, the agenda and any related documents which were sent with the summons.

• Take part in meetings and consider all the relevant facts and issues on matters which require a decision including the views of others expressed at the meeting.

• Take part in voting and respect decisions made by the majority of those present and voting.

• Ensure, with other councillors, that the council is properly managed.

• Represent the whole electorate, and not just those who voted for you.

The seven Nolan principles apply to the conduct of people in public life. They are:

Nolan Principles


you should act in the public interest


you should not put yourself under any obligations to others, allow them improperly to influence you or seek benefit for yourself, family, friends or close associates


you should act impartially, fairly and on merit


you should be prepared to submit to public scrutiny necessary to ensure accountability


you should be open and transparent in your actions and decisions unless there are clear and lawful reasons for non-disclosure


you should always be truthful


as a councillor, you should promote, support and exhibit high standards of conduct and be willing to challenge poor behaviour.

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